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The Surreal Hypnotic Illusory Paintings of Sasha Braunig

SASCHA BRAUNIG combines vibrant colour and an hypnotic style in works that reflect upon illusion and the surface of the image. In dream-like scenes where repetition and patterning are foregrounded, Braunig’s female subjects emit an extrasensory glow. Flaring with reflected color, they are iridescent beings whose very skin seems to be a source of psychic power. —Foxy Production  .

Her paintings exude psychedelic and cerebral qualities that trick the eye and mind in the best of ways, but they’re also meticulously realistic.

Sascha is an extremely talented artist (both in the technical and conceptual sense) who will undoubtedly be celebrated for years to come. Vice

Hat Tip to Septagon


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David Mrugala is an architect who is fascinated by the possibilities in which he can apply modern technology to architecture and vice versa, particularly focused on interactive design and media in relation to space.

David’s blog features a compilation of quick sketches done with Processing which have steadily gained him more and more followersEach drawing is based on a simple programming code / algorithm aimed at producing simple, yet complex drawings.

Visit the thedotisblack for more.


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Me niego a llamarte “Mi vida” porque tú eres más que este pobre desastre.
— (via murallamuerta)
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Our hearts beat so loud the neighbours think we’re fucking when I’m just trying to find the nerve to touch your face.
— Andrea Gibson. 
Text 25 Aug 1 note La llorona.

No es estrallo que las olas, llorona, traigan perlas a millares.
Si a las orillas del mar, ay llorona, te vi llorar la otra tarde.

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Nada más idiota que la experiencia del tiempo a través de los relojes y no obstante aquí estoy: temiendo que se me haga tarde.
— Alejandra Pizarnik (via kirasakurai)

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